背景设定在马萨诸塞州塞勒姆镇,当一个破坏分子开始在网上发布小镇里每个人的私人生活细节,将小镇生活搅得天翻地覆后,一个精通社交媒体的高中学生和她的朋友们等待着观察最终结果。 浏览器历史记录、私信、非法下载、秘密文本链甚至更加糟糕的因素,造成了数字时代能够发生的最糟糕的情况。


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December 25 of each year is the day when Jinianyesu was born, called Christmas.From December 24 on January 6 of the following year, it is the Christmas Festival. During the festival, Christians in all countries hold a grand memorial ceremony. Christmas was originally a Christian holiday. Because people attached great importance to it, it became a national holiday. The country's biggest festival of the year can be compared with the New Year. The kind is similar to the Chinese New Year in the West.Westerners use red, green, and white colors as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every household must use Christmas colors to decorate. The red ones have Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. The green one is the Christmas tree. It is the main decoration of Christmas. It is decorated with trees such as fir and cypress that are shaped like towers. It was hung with colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, and lit Christmas candles.Red and white meet Santa Claus, the most popular figure at Christmas events. Western children put a sock in front of a fireplace or pillow before going to sleep on Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to put a gift in the sock after they fall asleep. In the West, it is also a custom to play Santa Claus.The name "Christmas" is the abbreviation of "Christ Mass." Mass is a church service. Christmas is a religious festival. We celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus, and therefore also known as Christmas. On this day, all Christian churches around the world hold special liturgies. But there are many Christmas celebrations that have nothing to do with religion. The exchange of gifts and the sending of Christmas cards make Christmas a day of universal celebration.耶稣(Jeshua ben Joseph,公元前4年-30年或前5年-29年),基督宗教教义的中心人物,也是基督宗教的创始人。耶稣是西元三十年左右生活于今巴勒斯坦一带的历史人物,接受施洗者约翰洗礼并且被罗马人钉死殉道在十字架上。之后第三天复活,显现给门徒看有四十天之久,然后升天,坐在天父的右边,叫信他的人不至灭亡,反得永生。